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“The man who loves all things Texas is sure to enjoy this
mini guide to some of the Lone Star State's unique and intriguing attractions.”
– Fort Worth Star-Telegram


  • Ever hanker to swim with gators, snare humongous catfish by hand, shoot feral hogs from a helicopter or just sit and throw back a free Shiner Bock? Writer Allan Kimball has unearthed these and other regional delights that could fill numerous bucket lists, should they fall under the category he entitled, Texas Redneck Road Trips It’s a hilarious take on traveling through Texas. Scores of interesting stops.  Truth tell, you don’t have to be a redneck bubba to enjoy this back pocket-sized (4.25"X5.5"),value-priced, printed-in-Texas guide. Kimball discloses how to find the world’s densest concentration of inimitable barbecue (Lockhart), or an amazing army surplus store (Col. Bubbie’s of Galveston), or a one stop shop for bait and tacos (Frank’s at Canyon Lake). But whatever corner of the state you’re heading, keeping Texas Redneck Road Trips handy will make any trip more rewarding.
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