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Even if you don't speak a word of French now, with this pocket-sized (4.25''X5.5") Berlitz phrase book parody you’ll be able to answer, ''Oui, un petit peu'' ― ''Yes, a little bit.'' For lagniappe, you’ll get a Cajun cooking primer and learn how to say some of those crazy names of towns and lakes in Louisiana ―Tchefuncte, anyone?


Lafayette-born and Houma-raised, author John Gravois will teach you how to sweet-talk your l’ame soeur and how to deliver some choice insults to that connard you can’t stand. Along the way, he’ll enlighten you with history about how Acadians bounced from France to Canada to South Louisiana, explain the importance of preserving Cajun culture and language and give you some insights into the Cajun way. Wondering if you might have some Cajun characteristics? Check out the “You might be a Cajun If . . .” chapter. If watching wildlife shows gives you dinner ideas, for example, you might be a Cajun. Allons! Let’s get to it!




''A must read! If you want to get your Cajun on, you’ve got to read John Gravois’ fabulous little book. It’s fun, factual and full of history, Cajun idioms and their pronunciations. This authentic son of the bayou does a huge service in compact form by helping to illuminate a culture that remains singular on the American landscape.'' --Ken Wells, ex-Wall Street Journal writer and Page One editor, and author of Gumbo Life: Tales from the Roux Bayou and the Cajun classic coming-of-age novel, Meely LaBauve.'

''Speak Cajun in 30 Minutes or Less is loaded with facts on Louisiana culture and history in addition to being a fun, basic guide to Cajun words and phrases. It also provides a valuable sense of appreciation of the need to preserve Cajun French language and culture. It's a hit!'' --Greg Harding, ex-New Orleans Saints defensive back and Terrebonne Parish school board member for more than 20 years.


"Absolutely great. I can 'hear' our momma and feel her presence reading it. Indeed, I recommend that people of all backgrounds read the book.”   –Monica Dusenbery Pellegrin, of South Louisiana’s renowned Dusenbery Family Singers who often perform in Cajun French.


The author is John Gravois, who wrote our well-received, A Cajun Family Cookbook. Now, he shares his heritage's singular attributes with this funny, authoritative and useful book on many things Cajun. Born in Lafayette, raised in Houma, educated at Nichols State University, Gravois is an award-winning journalist who lent his talent to the Houma Daily Courier, Houston Post, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Dallas Morning News.  

Speak Cajun in 30 Minutes or Less

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