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John Gravois was born in Lafayette, raised in Houma, La., and proud of it. His new book, A Cajun Family Cookbook, spreads the joy of regional cuisine as practiced by his relatives. 

A Cajun Family Cookbook

  • It starts with recipes his mother taught him and Gravois ladles in more family favorites from generous southern Louisiana relatives. He gives you a crash course in Cajun, rendering the region's specialties accessible to anyone. From party foods like shrimp with remoulade sauce to singular gumbos, jambalayas and étouffées; from favorite sides like maque choux and zucchini pirogues to desserts like pralines and bread pudding; from breads to breakfasts, Gravois’ cookbook celebrates the bounty of his people's famous cuisine. Gravois, an award-winning journalist who hails from a rice-growing family, provides a primer on Cajun cooking techniques, including the best way to make perfect roux. Aside from familiar favorites, such distinctive fare as armadillo fricassée, stuffed quail, and venison stew are offered up along with sumptuous desserts like sweet potato pudding and pralines. If you grew up in Cajun country – the book will recall memories of raucous family reunions and other gatherings with aunts bearing her proudest dish. For non-Cajuns, it’s a chance to eat very, very well. Again and again. REVIEWS "This little book covers a lot of good ground."- Times-Picayune, New Orleans "The Southern Louisiana native's pocket-size cookbook packs a punch with 94 pages of quick-and-easy, Louisiana-inspired dishes." - The Advertiser, Lafayette, La
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