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 Every Aggie will want to grab hold of this backpocket-sized book about the beginnings and the not-so-distant past of his or her revered team. And to those straining to grasp what all the fuss is about, Aggie Football Legends is for them too.


  • Author Anthony Andro is an A&M alumnus but also a professional sports writer (formerly of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, now with Fox SW) unafraid to lay bare some of the squad’s most embarrassing episodes, like the humiliating 38-0 loss to the University of Texas at its very first game, in 1894. And he deftly retells the team’s proudest moments. Revisit the historic games and championships, then see how Aggies branded Bevo, the UT Longhorn, with “13-0″ – A&M’s winning score in 1915 – and later invited to eat the steer with their rivals five years later when the mascot was barbecued. You can’t make this stuff up. Legends covers the over-heated rivalries, the historic seasons, the standout players and the larger-than-life coaches, Jackie Sherrill, Bear Bryant, Dana Bible. In short, it explains to all comers the Aggie mystique and why its fans go beyond diehard.
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